Water through the microscope and the camera

Catania, 22 Marzo 2017
Plenum Gallery, Via Vecchia Ognina, 142
World Water Day 2017

Water through the microscope and the camera is an event to celebrate water and its microscopic life that could be captured by using microscopy and photography as high-powered expression of art. The exhibition will consist of a presentation of images and video of aquatic microscopic life commented by a scientist to illustrate the wonder of life in a drop of water. In the gallery, the microscope connected to a camera and a video will allow the direct and public observation of water samples; on the wall a selection of microphotographs of aquatic life forms. We celebrate water as the most valuable resource of daily use; scientific techniques and instruments will be realistically merged with interests of professional photographers and public opinion to unveil Mother Nature’s deepest and most beautiful secrets. “Seeing is believing”.

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