Annamaria Zoppini, Ricercatore

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Address Via Salaria km 29,300
C.P. 10
00015 Monterotondo St. (RM)
Telephone +39 06 90672792
Fax +39 06 90672787

Aree di Interesse
  • Ecologia microbica: descrizione dei flussi di carbonio mediati dalle comunità microbiche in relazione a fattori ambientali
Attività di Ricerca / Progetti in corso
  • MIRAGE (Mediterranean Intermittent River ManAGEment), 7th FP EU n. 211732 - WP7, Dangerous substances
  • Enzyme in the environment, Research Coordination Network (RCN) National Science Foundation (USA). Steering Committee Member
  • SESAME (Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem Changes) 6th Research Framework Programme of the European Union GOCE 2006-036949. Responsible: WP 3.8.2 Carbon uptake and release by water column
  • Responsabile del Modulo DG.RSTL.069.006 (finanziato dal CNR): I batteri in fase di quiescenza sono davvero inattivi?
Pubblicazioni recenti / significative
  • Zoppini A., Marxsen J. 2010. Importance of Extracellular Enzymes for Biogeochemical Processes in Temporary River Sediments during Fluctuating Dry-Wet Conditions. In: G. Shukla and A. Varma (eds.), Soil Enzymology, Soil Biology 22, DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-14225-3_6, © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011: 103-117
  • Zoppini A., Amalfitano S., Fazi S., Puddu A. 2010. Dynamics of a benthic microbial community in a riverine environment subject to hydrological fluctuations (Mulargia River, Italy). Hydrobiologia 657:37–51.
  • Marxsen J., Zoppini A., Wilczeck S. 2010. Microbial communities in streambed sediments recovering from desiccation. FEMS Microbial Ecology (2010) 71:374-386
  • Fazi S., Amalfitano S., Piccini P., Zoppini A., Puddu A., Pernthaler J. 2008. Colonization of overlaying water by bacteria from dry river sediments Environmental Microbiology, 10(10):2760-2772
  • Amalfitano S., Fazi S., Zoppini A., Barra Caracciolo A., Grenni P., Puddu A. 2008. Responses of benthic bacteria to experimental drying in sediments from Mediterranean temporary rivers. Microbial Ecology, 55: 270-279
  • Zoppini A., Puddu A., Fazi S., Rosati M., Sist P. 2005. Extracellular enzyme activity and dynamics of bacterial community in mucilaginous aggregates of the northern Adriatic Sea. The Science of the Total Environment, 353:270-286
  • Malits A., Peters F., Bayer M., Marrasé C., Zoppini A., Guadayol O., Alcaraz M. 2004. Effects of small-scale turbulance on bacteria: a matter of size. Microbial Ecology, 48(3):287-446
  • Puddu A., Zoppini A., Fazi S., Rosati M., Amalfitano S., Magaletti E. 2003. Bacterial uptake of DOM released from P-limited phytoplankton. FEMS Microbial Ecology , 46:257-268

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