Federico Aulenta, Primo Ricercatore

email aulenta AT irsa.cnr.it
Address Via Salaria km 29,300
C.P. 10
00015 Monterotondo St. (RM)
Telephone +39 06 90672751
Fax +39 06 90672787

Research Topics
  • Anaerobic and aerobic bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons with main reference to:
    • Unraveling the environmental factors affecting rate and extent of contaminants transformation in natural or engineered systems
    • Identification of metabolic pathways, general categories of microorganisms involved, syntrophic associations in mixed cultures
    • Kinetic modeling, process engineering
  • Electrochemical stimulation, monitoring, and control of microbial processes, with main reference to:
    • Use of solid-state electrodes as electron donors in anaerobic respirations (e.g., reductive dechlorination of chlorinated pollutants)
    • Enhancement of extracellular electron transfer reactions by using natural or artificial redox shuttling compounds
    • Development and characterization of modified electrodes for biotechnological applications
    • Bioelectrochemical systems for simultaneous wastewater treatment and generation of value-added products
Research activities / Ongoing Projects

MinoTaurus “Microorganism and enzyme Immobilization: NOvel Techniques and Approaches for Upgraded Remediation of Underground-, wastewater and Soil” (2011-2013) (Grant Agreement no: 265946): Development of an electrochemically-assisted microbial dechlorination process

Member of the Editorial Board of Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology (Springer); Process Biochemistry (Elsevier); New Biotechnology (Elsevier)

Recent Publications